The IMPACT Shopping™ digital platform provides consumer brands and retailers with ESG focused technologies that improve your business while saving our planet. Impact Digital Commerce capabilities help achieve your ESG goals while effectively increasing cash flows, digital engagement, brand value and customer relationships.

IMPACT’s mission is the elimination of overproduction and waste created by ineffective marketing, aggressive discounting, and the mismanagement of consumer preferences. IMPACT is a proprietary Web3 Technology that aggregates consumer demand and allows for it to be seamlessly matched with production capabilities, delivery timelines and minimum order requirements. Our plug-n-play tool can integrate with existing e-commerce platforms, digital marketing methods and payment systems to ensure that consumer preferences and purchase intentions are aggregated, and real time ordering executed. We enable your customers to help you select the most desirable products for production with zero waste volumes. Together we will produce just the right number of units ensuring zero waste, valuable limited-edition status and a community of like-minded shoppers who can celebrate their shared preferences.

Coordinating supply and aggregated demand while creating product selection communities from your loyal consumers will support the ESG credentials of your brand and improve operating margins. Collaborating with your customers based on interactive social shopping communities will significantly reduce dead stock and liquidations while differentiating your brand and promoting product recommendations. IMPACT allows you to effectively identify best sellers and empowers your true brand fans to recruit new like-minded customers.

Together we can make your brand more human and build caring product driven tribes of brand fans that are actively involved with your success. From Impulse to Impact we improve your ESG Rating, Product Development Relevance and Marketing Performance. Your environmental and customer impacts will be measured, reported, and rewarded within our platform and delivered via our interfaces that can be used for corporate and ESG presentation requirements.

Stop using destructive discounting and expensive marketing campaigns that ruin your brand and business model. Let IMPACT help you work with your customers to establish a more informed, profitable, and healthy future. Let’s set up a Demo for your brand and products.