With Sangrove, we built a proprietary Web3 technology that streamlines selling and takes the guess work out of the ordering process. Our plug-n-play tool can integrate into any existing e-commerce, providing real-time order aggregation, empowering end consumers to buy into collections early, quickly identifying bestsellers from those that are not.

It’s a pre-sell-at-scale platform that can help brands deliver great fashion, sustainably, without sacrificing profit margins. We provide an all-in-one tech for brands and consumers to come together to forge a new path for the way we shop… from impulse to impact!

We offer a unique practical approach to sustainability, targeting dead stock and overproduction at its source!

Sangrove, the NextGen commerce for collective impact through profitable sustainability.


  • A new way to roll out novelties
  • Impact Shopping digital events
  • A/B testing of winning designs prior to production
  • Instant global payment processing
  • Impact measured, reported and rewarded