A new sales strategy and a truly sustainable way to rollout novelties addressing overproduction, excess inventory and deadstock

  • A new way to roll out novelties
  • Digital events
  • A/B testing of winning designs prior to production
  • Instant global payment processing

Consumers expect unique, limited edition designs, delivered in tune with constantly changing trends

Design brands and retailers do not speak to each other during the design phase, leading to guessing and speculation, overproduction and waste.

Independent retailers are squeezed between their need for big variety of products in low quantities while desiring low prices that are only obtainable with volume purchasing.


Is a digital marketplace platform – a patent pending technology and an ecosystem for brands and retailers in design-driven industries – that allows brands to efficiently fund, produce and deliver new products

In our vision, from the world of design ideas only the best — jointly selected by retailers — are deserved to be manufactured and create best-selling products.

By acting as a new and unique sales channel specializing in volume “made to order” purchasing, we greenlight manufacturing bestsellers and distribution of new products.