SANGROVE is a new B2B2C platform — a patent pending technology — for the fashion and design-driven industries, specializing in volume made-to-order pre-sell. We have reinvented pre-sell as a new proprietary platform, we connecting brands with sustainability-conscious and fashion-forward buyers/consumers, and collectively green-light manufacturing of new products while eliminating excess design concepts.

At its core, Sangrove aims to minimize the environmental impact of overproduction. Our digital platform, can plug in to any existing e-commerce, creating an ecosystem for brands, retailers and consumers in design-driven industries, allowing brands to efficiently produce and deliver new products made-to-order, aligning production with actual demand, eliminating the guess work as well as risk of excess, unsold inventory.

You can’t be truly sustainable unless you stop producing products that the world doesn’t need or want. Measure your audience buying commitment for would-be products prior to production while aggregating small-increment orders into bulk. Our plug-n-play tool helps you identify ‘dead on arrival’ product ideas while highlighting bestsellers.

Tune Production to within 5% of Demand

Sangrove is working to change shopping habits – from impulse to #Impact – focusing on preempting waste of unsold goods and saving natural resources! The impact that we make collectively – as consumers and brands – is measured, stored, and recorded.

All of us at Sangrove are thrilled that eco-friendly brands are embracing this new buying pattern and putting their weight behind ensuring the Sangrove model of selling becomes the new norm.

We believe Sangrove isn’t just a better way. It is the best way. The most sustainable way to shop.

A Roadmap to Zero Waste begins with