Sangrove is committed to disrupt the vicious consumer goods life cycle — from ‘new’ to ‘on sale’ to liquidation and dumping. We offer a unique practical approach to sustainability targeting overproduction at its source.

You can’t be truly sustainable unless you stop producing products that the world doesn’t need or want. Measure your audience buying commitment for would-be products prior to production while aggregating small-increment orders into bulk. Our plug-n-play tool helps you identify ‘dead on arrival’ product ideas while highlighting bestsellers.

It’s not EITHER (planet and sustainable practice) OR (money and profit) anymore. You can have BOTH. The way to achieve it? Changing the way you operate. By giving every existing customer a chance to contribute. Bringing collective action, engaging collective brain. Stirring that pot.

Green-light the shape of tomorrow:
  • Achieve true sustainability by allowing the collective brain to contribute to design selection
  • Minimize excess inventory, no more overproduction
  • Become lean and green at the forefront of shaping the industry’s future

Your creativity unbound:
  • Test unlimited number of your design and concept ideas
  • Tap the collective brain of your customers
  • Know which design ideas are your next bestseller before production
  • No more guessing and speculation, no more deadstock
  • Let your customers finance production of your future bestsellers

Pre-manufacturing digital Event
(unlimited SKUs, unlimited Buyers)
IP protection
Real-time order aggregation
Binding Buyer/Seller agreement
Order invoicing & payment
Branded Event landing pages
Branded messaging/email
Branded Order confirmation/
ProForma Invoice
Custom Event duration
Custom reports
White label deployment
Backoffice integration
API access

Become part of the REAL sustainability movement: